Tim’s Neighbor & The Flame Throwing Weed Wacker!

Tim told you about how his neighbor uses a flame thrower to weed his yard? Since his neighbor uses sound proof ear protectors, and mask, Tim was able to sneak up on him and film. He calls it, "Hillbilly in the Wild"...enjoy!

Grown Man Gets Fitted For A Bra

Billie Marshall challenged Tim Leary to get fitted for a bra if at least 10 women signed up to get fitted at Belk's Walcoal FI(GH)T For The Cure Event for Susan G. Komen.

Tim Leary runs Miles for Meals 5K dressed as an apple!

What happens when a grown man agrees to dress up as a giant apple and run a 5k for charity? Embarrassing is one word that comes to mind. (Especially after starting a horse stampede...)

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Qualifier

Tim Leary of The Morning Showgram tries to qualify for Nathan's hot dog eating contest during River Street's first Saturday celebration.

St. Patrick’s Day 2012

Welcome to the BIGGEST party in the world...St. Patrick's Day 2012 in Savannah, GA! This is a quick glimpse of what happens here in the town where "Gone with the Wind meets Jimmy Buffet"! Enjoy! -Tim Leary & The Morning Showgram Weekday 5:30a-9:00a BOB 106.9. www.bob1069.com.

Fire Fighter Pancake Breakfast

Firefighters got together with Tim Leary to promote the event

Tim Leary Introducing Justin Bieber

Tim Leary and Jess Tyler Introducing Justin Bieber

Tim and Audrey the Intern

Audrey was not happy. This is what happened.

The Southern Scene

Learn about Tim's ever-changing mohawk colors

Tim Drives Station Revenue

Tim worked directly with ad sales and local clients to create this promo for a local car dealer.