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Community/Charity Events

Tats for TatTas 3

Tim Leary & The Morning Showgram team hosted the 3rd annual “Tats for TaTas” to raise money for The Nancy N. and JC Lewis (Breast) Cancer and Research Pavilion at St. Joseph’s Candler Hospital in Savannah. This year they raised
$16,500 during their 4-week campaign. (This campaign has raised more than $30,000 in its three years.) Throughout the month of November, listeners donated $10 for each name of someone in their life that’s been affected by breast cancer; survivor, lost the fight, or currently in the battle. All names were then tattooed on Tim, as well as co-hosts Red and Claire Beverly.

With 800 names and logos tattooed on him, including glitter and bedazzled jewels, Tim ran the Savannah River Bridge Run’s “Double Pump” (3 times over the Talmadge Bridge at a 5.5% uphill grade, 9.6 mile race) as a human memorial to those who’ve battled breast cancer. Karen Daiss and Claire both wore 300+ tattoos each and ran the 10k. (The tattooing process took 4 days at 6 hours a day.)

Clean Up Columbia

Tim Leary & The Morning Showgram/Alpha Media Savannah/Hilton Head, in conjunction with Alpha Media Columbia, SC assisted in a one-day effort to collect cleaning supplies and water for the victims of the devastating flood of 2015 in Columbia, SC.

The team filled a box-truck with generators, pallets of bleach and drinking water, and other cleaning items to aid the flood victims in their clean-up efforts. Tim, Red, and members of Alpha Media Savannah/Hilton Head also escorted the truck to Columbia, SC and personally hand-delivered the donated items.

Run For The Brave 5k

For a second year in a row, Tim Leary put on more than 70lbs. of full battle gear and ran the charity 5k to benefit Operation Homefront, benefitting members of the military and their families. He led off the race of 275+ runners, and was joined on his run by active and retired members of the Army, Marines, and Navy!

“I want to be able to show a glimpse of what our men and women serving go through. When overseas, they have this weight on them for 10-14 hours at a time. I’m just attempting to go 3.2 miles,” explained Tim.

Tim Leary Eats Jalapeños for Diabetes

Tim Leary along with WJCL-TV Sports Director Frank “The Big Guy” Sulkowski, faced off in a jalapeno-eating contest, and helped raise more than $2,000 for The American Diabetes Association. Tim won the contest by eating three more jalapenos peppers than Sulkowski “I love being a part of something I promise I’ll never do again,” said Tim. “But it’s awesome that we could raise that much money for the American Diabetes Association.”

Tunnel 2 Towers 5k

Benefitting the Stephen Siller Foundation and attracting almost 1,000 runners, Tim, Red, and Claire ran with Savannah’s first responders in honor of those who laid down their lives on 9/11. (The mission of the foundation is to honor the sacrifice of NYFD firefighter Stephen Siller who laid down his life to save others on September 11, 2001.)

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

Tim Leary put on 4-inch women’s high-heeled shoes and joined the 2nd Annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”… one mile around Forsyth Park in Savannah for The Rape Crisis Center to symbolize the steps victims take toward healing, helping raise money/awareness and drew hundreds of men including first responders.

The Buddy Walk

For the 3rd year, Tim Leary and Red joined more than 5,000 participants in Forsyth Park (Savannah) for the 10th annual Buddy Walk benefitting The Low Country Down Syndrome Society. “It’s truly an honor to work with Joe Marchese
(President of the LCDSS),” said Tim. “I’ve never been in a place where there’s so much hope, happiness, love, and sense of community and family as this event…EVER!”

One Day Food Drive for America’s Second Harvest

Congrats to L&L Broadcasting’s BOB 106.9 WUBB Savannah, GA who helped raise almost 600lbs of food with their one day drive to benefit America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia. “Your donations will help those in our community at risk of hunger,” stated Exec. Director Mary Jane Crouch. “The best part was loading their truck with the donations filled by our listeners,” said afternoon personality TC. “We can’t thank the BOB listeners enough for their compassion to help others in this community.”

Morning Showgram raises $6,500 for Wounded Warrior

Congratulations and kudos to L&L BROADCASTING Country WUBB (BOB 106.9)/SAVANNAH, GA “MORNING SHOWGRAM” hosts TIM LEARY and MAUNALEE, for raising $6,500 toward WOUNDED WARRIORS and SUA SPONTE, which aid ARMY Rangers returning from overseas. The morning teamers organized SUNDAY’s (7/14) “HERO APPRECIATION DAY,” at FORYTH PARK, which included local bands, raffles and an EBAY auction of donated items from local businesses. BOB listeners even braved continuous rains during the event to make the day a success. “It was so awesome to see everyone’s encouragement of the event,” said MAUNALEE. “Coming out and braving the rain, I’m so happy we were able to raise so much for these incredible charities!”

Donation Drive for Local Women’s Shelter

Congrats to L and L BROADCASTING Country WUBB (BOB 106.9)/SAVANNAH, GA morning personality TIM LEARY & THE MORNING SHOWGRAM, as they teamed with local ENMARK convenience stores to collect enough items to fill the storage unit at SAFE SHELTER, a women’s shelter that provides housing for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence. Listeners showed up for the one day donation drive and filled giant moving boxes placed at five ENMARK stores, including one listener who showed up to the station with more than 1,300 diapers. “We got a call in the studios from our listener RANDY DAVIS, who told us to come outside,” said morning personality BILLIE MARSHALL. “RANDY and his wife SHERRY brought us 1,000 diapers- which should last the mothers at SAFE SHELTER about an hour.”

Tim Leary Runs Charity 5k Dressed as an Apple!?

WUBB (BOB 106.9)/SAVANNAH, GA morning host TIM LEARY participated in a MEALS ON WHEELS event, “MILES FOR MEALS 5K”, on SATURDAY (5/18). The event was in an effort to provide meals to hungry senior citizens through the SENIOR CITIZENS, INC. organization. LEARY and his running mates- WUBB morning show co-host CLAIRE BEVERLY and LEARY’s wife KAREN– decided to dress as food during their run. “I’ll admit that I did get a little nervous when a corral of horses started to charge at me when I past them. But if we helped to put food on the tables of hungry seniors by dressing up as food… outrunning a small stampede is not a problem,” said TIM, who finished the run with a time of 27:36. About running in costume, he added, “I seriously almost passed out from heat exhaustion at mile marker 2. A giant felt and foam apple costume tends not breathe a lot, nor does the big foam stem hat I wore with it.” It is estimated that the event raised more than $10,000 for the cause. Final totals are still being tallied.